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These Are My Favourite “Rake It Up” Inspired Videos

Yo Gotti featuring Nicki Minaj became a fan favourite duo, way back yonder when Nicki Minaj decided to spit wittily on the remix of Gotti’s ‘5 Star’, in 2009. Ever since then, we’ve grown to wholly appreciate collaborative records from the two. On June 1st, they added another desired and club thriving record to their lengthy repertoire. Days after ‘Rake It Up’ was unleashed to the world, social media authentically gave birth to an inspired challenge termed The Rake It Up Challenge. The challenge consist of folks abroad showcasing their colourful moves, whilst accentuating the essence of the record. I am always marveled at the potency music possesses. The overall essence of the classified urban record motivated folks internationally to choreograph stunning moves to the words rendered by Gotti and Minaj. Below, I will be sharing my three favourite “Rake It Up” inspired videos. Enjoy.

1. Hamilton Evans Choreography

2. Ysabelle Capitule

3. Kenya Clay Choreography

Stream “Rake It Up” below!


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