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SZA’s Debut Album ‘CTRL’ Enters The Billboard 200 Chart At Number Three

Years after releasing electric mini-projects and co-writing iconic records for our favourite and most renown artists, Sza finally mustered up the courage to release her debut album. On the eve of June 9th, Sza’s ‘CTRL’ lulled us and paused time. The album features an array of artists like Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar. Prior to being graced with the album, we were rendered few memorable and palatable records. ‘Love Galore’. ‘Drew Barrymore’ and ‘Broken Clocks’ are of the three songs given to us preceding the albums release.

Post freeing the album, Sza lamented about the nights she weeped whilst orchestrating the album. This album stands as a testament of Sza’s personal liberation as a woman and as an artist. Sza’s CTRL amassed 60,000 equivalent album units, with 25,000 units coming from traditional album sales. From minor set backs and delays to sitting comfortably on the charts: The Solána Imani Rowe tale.

Stream ‘CTRL’ Below:


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