Queer Spotlight: Social Media Mavens and Creatives


This list will be in no specific order due to the fact that each of these individuals are equally worthy. As a creative, queer creative to be more specific, we tend to isolate and decenter ourselves. We often distant ourselves from other queer creatives for various valid and problematic reasons. This list is to essentially to create a forum for future interactions between some of my favourite queer mavens and creatives.


Social media maven, meme connoisseur and aspiring makeup artist.


Orator, writer, visual artist and educator.


Musician and meme connoisseur.


Model and social media maven.


Writer, author and curator. Also penned the revered pieced centering Beyoncé.


Freelance makeup artist and social media maven.

Post viewing this list, do me a grand favour and support each of the listed folks. Support them fiscally and socially.

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