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Zé: New Music & Why He’s For The Culture

Months after releasing his groovy EP, “Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight” and alluring visual for his lead single, “Telephone,” is back with another sensual and lulling record. Whilst most of us were surrounded by family for the holidays, was preparing to premier his debut project. On this project, he unveiled his vulnerable side whilst affirming his strength and assertiveness as a person and as a musician. Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight essentially echoes the flawed notion of love and concludes with realization of that notion being flawed. Being that in the queer community we tend to romanticize faulty notions of love, this project is vital. Aside from its hidden messages, Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight is simply appeasing. It is synonymous to the earth green hue that relaxes us whilst strolling through the forest. I also wrote an extensive review here.

After crossing such a monumental threshold, debuted the visual to his sultry single, Telephone. In the video, he sat elevated on a stool whilst nodding to the rhythm. Due to the industry being permeated with violent homophobia, the fact that he was accompanied by a male love interest was significant. Being Black, queer and unapologetic in the industry is radical in itself, so I applauded him for not diluting his art to appease the enormous homophobic demographic.

Listen to Zé’s new single, Sweet Love, New Drug here.


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