Black Girl Magic Denied

Excuse me if this ends up being immensely extensive or absurdly short. I’m simply spewing my current thoughts into literature, because this is how I cope and heal. Being an admirer of popular culture, I’ve watched many Black femme folks be denied for simply being both Black and femme. Annually, the excuses as to why Black femme folks aren’t nominated or awarded for the major award categories become more and more ridiculous. I was first inspired to lament on the injustice and partiality Black femme folks endure post the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony, however I was too livid to formulate an intellectual write up. I took a well-needed slumber and here I am. Firstly, let me say that this is not meant to diminish the fact that Adele is an incredible woman and artist. Adele deserves the many accolades she’s been awarded with. Now that that has been addressed, let this commence. Before I discuss Beyoncé, I first want to expound on the atrocity of Rihanna exiting the ceremony with no awards. Anti was and still is a brilliant body of work. Prior to Anti, Rihanna was told to take her time when creating because she often released LP’s annually. Rihanna spewed three years into ensuring that Anti reflected her growth as an artist and as a young woman. I’m assured that Rihanna didn’t solely perfect her craft because she wanted Grammy Awards, however her growth deserves to be awarded.


Onto the other atrocity of the night: Beyoncé winning none of the major awards. Please be reminded that the last Black woman to win Album Of The Year was Lauryn Hill for her resilient album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She won the award in 1999. Also remember that this isn’t about Adele, and I appreciate Adele for using her privilege to acknowledge the fact that race is the reason why Beyoncé didn’t prevail.

25 was an incredible album, however no Album released in 2016 compares to the cultural importance and excellence of Lemonade. Lemonade echoed the silenced sentiments of Black femme folks. Lemonade inspired a plethora of uninspired and weary Black femme folks to persist on. Lemonade reminded Black femme folks of their prowess and innate power. Lemonade amplified police brutality. Its haunting me that such a brilliant album wasn’t worthy of the major awards. Black Girl Magic denied, again.


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