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#BlackGaySlay Hashtag & Its Creator

Around noon, I came across a hashtag that I absolutely identified with, so I proceeded to browse through it. Before participating, I sat in awe in my sun-lit room at the plethora of gorgeous Black queer folks who’ve shared their photos using the tag. As the hashtag became more popular and more folks utilized it to share their stunning pictures, I felt the need to contact the creator and thank them personally for birthing this. Mike Mason, or Mikey is an ordinary queer lad from Detroit, Michigan. He’s also a writer and aspiring cinematographer. You may want to know what inspired him to start this hashtag, so I asked him. He said that Beyoncé’s “Formation” inspired the name, however the overall idea came from his desire to see Black LGBTQ folks love ourselves more publicly. Being that it is Black History Month, and Black LGBTQ folks are usually excluded from the narrative, I’m absolutely fond of this hashtag.


I wanted to uplift and see Black LGBT people loving themselves.

—Mike Mason



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