Listen To “Sam, Here I Am” By T.Taylor

T. Taylor is a 22-year-old artist,  hailing from the luscious city of New Haven, Connecticut. Taylor started his journey as an artist at the early age of 5, and ever since then, he’s molded himself into being quite multifaceted. He wrote his first record at the age of nine and published three novels starting at the age of 20. Throughout high school, Taylor furthered his love for the arts when he embarked on a theatrical journey. For four years he remained a vital piece in his school’s theater program. Taylor’s music reflects the times, however he emulates the prowess of many femme rappers. He is heavily influenced by the matriarchs of femme rap to the current torch-carrying femme rappers. Taylor is currently curating two projects: His EP, “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” and a mixtape entitled, “Black.Boy.Raps.”

Believe in yourself and the universe will reward you.

—T. Taylor

Listen to Sam, Here I am below!


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