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Zé’s “Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight” Is Simply Perfect

This year has been exceptional for music. The motion film has been rather disappointing and painful to endure, but the soundtrack has helped us all cope through the chaos. After great anticipation, Zé’s debut EP, “Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight” is finally here and it is more marvelous than we expected. The wait was lengthy, but it’s worth the wait.


This seven-track project has the most incredible balance of lulling and sexual records. Zé is known for his erotic lyrics and pacifying monotone flow and both are present on Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight. The EP opens up with a satisfying Interlude-esque track entitled Opening. On this record, you’ll be appeased by the chanting of “Skies Are filled With Secret Delight” over a distinctive beat. Opening transitions uninterruptedly into TakeItFar. TakeItFar is self explanatory but let’s take that even that further. TakeItFar is an invitation to your significant other, persuading them to take the moment even further. With that being said, use your imagination and context clues to patch in the unfilled information. WhatINeed is a declaratory statement.  

“Your waist slim and your ass fat, throw it back let me catch that.

Baby give me what  I need now. I’m begging you, I’m on my motherf*cking knees now.

To not dilute Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight, I’ll allow, the listeners to make your own interpretations of the EP. Allow the music to lull you.

Stream & Listen to Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight below!


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