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16 Reasons Why Black Women Dominated in 2016

2016 has been a phenomenal year for black women. Despite being overlooked and undermined, black women always manage to defy the odds. Black women are the most educated demographic and the most determined group on the planet. Here’s a list of times black women dominated and conquered despite being faced with numerous obstacles.


Beyoncé is known for dominating and this year she reigned supreme. Beyoncé’s brief performance at the 2016 super bowl garnered world wide attention. Many folks were lulled by her statuette and others voiced their anti-Black Panther Party views post her performance. This performance will go down in infamy. Weeks after this infamous performance, Beyoncé released her 6th studio album, Lemonade. To explain Lemonade is to dilute its importance, so let’s just say that Lemonade is simply outstanding.



Rihanna released her 8th studio album, Anti, which soared to the top of the charts immediately. Anti also became the fastest album to be certified platinum in less than 24 hours.


3. sim-and-gabgab-and-s

 This list wouldn’t be legitimate if it didn’t include black America’s sweethearts, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles. Simone and Gabby dominated the 2016 Rio Olympics and left a little bit of black girl magic on the podium.


 Simone Biles left the 2016 Rio Olympics as the reigning queen of artistic gymnastics. What do you call a black girl with four Olympic gold medals and an Olympic bronze medal? Simone Biles.


 Four years after making history by being crowned the queen of artistic gymnastics, Gabby Douglas returned to the Olympics and walked away a champion.


After trailblazing and breaking records for the entire year, Rihanna was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.



 After being tormented and harassed online by racist trolls, Gabby Douglas was surprised with her very own limited edition Barbie doll.



 2016 has been a great year for film and television and Fences adds to the extensive list of phenomenal films released this year. The movie hasn’t released nationally yet but it’s already garnered tons of accolades and prestigious award nominations. 


 Give a black girl the opportunity to create without limitations and she’ll never disappoint. Issa Rae’s HBO episodic narrative, Insecure,  is the most relatable and authentic show on television. Issa’s show was also recently nominated for a Golden Globe award and I am elated for Issa’s future.



 In a world where black women are often overlooked and forgotten, hidden figures is both reassuring and saddening. Hidden figures debuts December 24th in select theaters nationwide.


 A Seat At The Table is a necessary album. The album has motivated and reassured many black folks, especially black women with its raw and unapologetic message. The album is an ode to black folks and we appreciate Solange for this masterpiece.


 Rihanna is known for her stunning candid photos and breathtaking ensembles, but she is also known for being an editorial queen to say the least. Here’s a photo of Rihanna gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine for the umpteenth time.



 “Work” is Rihanna’s lead single off of her 8th studio album, Anti. Work soared to the top of the charts and remained complacent for nine weeks consecutively.


Simone Manuel became the first African American woman to win an individual Olympic gold medal in swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics.



15.remy ma.jpeg

 Remy Ma is the only female rapper nominated at the 2017 Grammy awards. Congratulations Remy!



 Beyoncé has nine Grammy nominations, Rihanna has eight Grammy nominations & Solange has one Grammy nomination.


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