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Accepting That Your White Friends Are Racist

Some of us tend to neglect basic signs, implying that our white friends may indeed be racist. Imagine congregating with someone and allowing that person to know all aspects of your personality just to realize that they may not be as genuine as they appear. Post election, most of us are realizing that our white friends never truly cared about us and for our well being. A vast majority of white people in America voted for Trump. An overwhelming amount of white people in America elected a racist, xenophobic, sexist and islamophobic individual to become the supreme ruler of the Free Nation. 


By simply supporting someone as bigoted and racist as Trump, you’ve revealed your unspoken thoughts. Why exactly would you support a racist and bigoted individual if you don’t agree with their ideologies and central message? If your white friend is a Trump supporter and that alone makes you feel uncomfortable, give yourself some time think. Think, rethink and think some more. Allow yourself to process all of this overwhelming information before making a decision. You owe yourself this much.


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