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Quit Blaming Black Non Voters for This Outcome

I’ve seen many people blame black, queer and brown non-voters and 3rd party voters for Trump’s victory. Trump’s victory is because white supremacists voted for Trump. Trump’s unapologetic racist, sexist, xenophobic and bigoted speeches motivated them to check his name on their ballots. They are to blame for this outcome. Polls proves that 66% of white women in America voted for Trump and only 37% of white people voted for Hillary. Many masked racists unmasked themselves in those voting booths. Trump is the elected president because of masked racists and unapologetic racists, not because of black non voters. To queer, black, brown and Muslim non voters, don’t feel guilty for this outcome. Your are not blame for the doings of white supremacists. And also, to my queer, black, brown, and Muslim peers and readers, I love you. You matter.


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