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GODISMIKEY: An In-Depth Look

As an admirer of authentic music and authentic energy, I immediately connected with GODISMIKEY and his music. The passion he has for his music inspires me immensely. Many may not know of him at this very moment, but that doesn’t hinder him from investing all his energy and time into creating impeccable music. For few, GODISMKEY is simply a heart throb with an alluring aesthetic. For others, he’s a warm spirit. GODISMIKEY instantly came from behind his alluring façade once I started to ask him questions pertaining to the his love for creating music.



After high school, GODISMIKEY moved out of his parents home and migrated to the illustrious city of Atlanta. In Atlanta, he quickly gained popularity. He was the unfamiliar fish in a competitive pond. He started out doing freelance modeling which increased his popularity in the city. Modeling allowed him to appreciate himself more after dealing with lack of self love growing up. He never felt like he was enough. He never felt handsome enough or like he was model material. Being in front of the camera enabled him to love himself more. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with GODISMIKEY and getting to understand him more as an artist and as a person.

What motivated you to become an artist?

“I’ve always been an artist. Growing up I was a part of the chorus and was always intrigued by art. It has always been therapeutic for me. It’s my therapy. After a major split with my ex-boyfriend, I realized how much time I wasted neglecting myself. Instead of allowing myself to fall into despair, I got online and searched for inexpensive recording studios. I did some sessions with an engineer over the phone and that’s how Ibiza was created.”

What inspires you to create?

“Everything inspires me. Everything around me inspires me. My struggles and unfortunate circumstances inspires me.”

What are your goals?

” I ultimately want to be the best musician I can be. I want to inspire others with my story like I’ve been inspired by the stories of others. My goal is to prove those who’ve doubted me wrong.”


Be sure to check out GODISMIKEY’s recent single, CHINATOWN.


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