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A Seat At The Table


Solange’s newly released album, A Seat At The Table is musically flawless. After a 4-year hiatus from the music scene, Solange returns with an incomparable body of work. This body of work has 21 lulling tracks, interludes included. Solange is known for her uniqueness and her ultra calming music with unfathomable subtle messages. A Seat At The Table showcases her growth vocally and artistically. She’s grown immensely as an artist. The album is currently available for digital download and streaming.




A Seat At The Table is an ode to black folks. The album is about black healing, black empowerment, black prosperity, black dollars, black mental health and black unity. The album begins with an affirming mantra-esque record titled, Rise. Rise goes as such,

“Fall in your ways so you can crumble
Fall in your ways so you can sleep at night
Fall in your ways so you can wake up and rise”

Rise transitions into Weary, the honest confession of the black experience. As a black person, the weight of the world tends to sit on our shoulders. So much is thrown at us on a daily basis and we often become exhausted. Both physically and mentally. Dad Was Mad is an interlude featuring Solange’s father, Matthew Knowles, elaborating on his childhood growing up in the south being an African American individual. He speaks about attending an integrated school and being bombarded by KKK protestors. Solange’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson makes an appearance on the self realizing interlude, Tina Taught Me. Tina speaks about loving and embracing her blackness. She briefly explains what it means to be pro-black and the importance of embracing blackness. Tina Taught Me is followed by Don’t Touch My Hair. Don’t Touch My Hair touches on the magnitude and power we hold in our hair. She also subtly mentions appropriation and how black hair has been reduced to simply being hair, which it’s not. For You By You is a minute long interlude delivered by Master P. Master P discusses how vital it is for us to not sell ourselves for a check. The importance of black entrepreneurship and black dollars. This entire album has hints of black girl magic and black womanhood, however  I Got so Much Magic, You Can Have it is black girl magic personified. This interlude features Solange’s childhood friend, Kelly Rowland and the beautiful Nia Andrews. They’re all singing the words, “Don’t let anybody steal yo’ magic” unapologetically. Reminding black women and black girls to never let anyone steal their magic. The album concludes with a ‘thank you’ message from the legendary Master P. On The Chosen Ones, Master P thanks our ancestors for their diligent work and long suffering. He ends it by saying, “We come here as slaves, but we’re going out as royalty and able to show that we are truly the chosen ones.” A Seat At The Table is truly a masterpiece. Solange has outdone herself yet again.



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