This morning I woke up to the suns glare as I said a silent prayer.
Prayer for protection,
For my myself and my loved ones.
Too many names to list.
Tons of admiration elevated above to the creator.
No different from yesterday.
The day that ended no different from the day before that day.
All I have to say is thank you.
Thank you to the trees for oxygen.
Thank you to the innovators and inventors of safe transportation.
Thank you to people who radiate positive and motivating energy.
Thank you to the creator for spared life,
And energy to persevere.
I’m exhausted.
I’m broken and steadily healing.
I fear relapsing into despair.
I feel the scars peeling,
Shedding from its thick surface.
Let me rehearse this smile,
Hopefully this’ll mask my reality,
The reality of truly being a wreck awaiting to be rescued.
I feel used,
By others and myself.
What a sad place to live,
Living in mental hell.
I’m a slave,
Enslaved by my thoughts.
The rain has inspired me to cleanse my soul,
Wash away all of the debris that has paused my evolution,
Caused me to remain stagnant in the same place,
Spinning in circles,
Leaping from mental stability to wreckage.
New day.
New chapter.

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