6 Black Beauty Bloggers and MUAs You Should Know

1. Jackie Aina
Jackie is a YouTube beauty blogger and MUA. Her mission is to “change the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time.” Jackie also has a limited edition eyeshadow palette with e.l.f. Cosmetics.
2. AaliyahJay
You may already know Aaliyah from the infamous, “she wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t me” meme that has circulated the Internet in the past year. Aside from that iconic meme, Aaliyah is a YouTube beauty blogger and freelance MUA. 
3. MakeUpShayla
There’s not much to say about Shayla besides the fact that she’s a phenomenal MUA. She’s a YouTube beauty blogger with 300k+ subscribers.
4. Pitts Twins
The Pitts Twins are new to the YouTube scene, however they’ve garnered 20k subscribers in less than a year.
5. Bianka Manderson
If you haven’t watched any of Bianka’s videos or seen any of her photos, you have been missing out. Her creativity is immaculate and her artistry is truly incomparable. She takes makeup to the next level look-after-look.
6. Makeupbyshaniah
Unlike the other women on this list, shaniah isn’t a YouTuber. However, she’s garnered attention on social media with her extraordinary makeup looks and exceptional cut-crease skills. 

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