Social Media

7 Important Hashtags

Social media has been the platform used to spark important and culture shifting conversations. Here is a brief list with some incredibly important and vital hashtags.

  1.  #BlackMenSupportLeslie
    image4 (5)image5 (5)image1 (18)

     This hashtag was created by Twitter user, BlakeDontCrack, in response to actress and comedian Leslie Jones being attacked and antagonized via social media.


image5 (6)image4 (6)

 Twitter jumped into action to defend Gabby Douglas after dealing with distasteful comments and internet trolls.


3. #HireTransFolks

image3 (8)image4 (7)image5 (7)

 An open conversation, urging Hollywood and major industries to hire trans folks to portray a more accurate depiction of trans people.

4. #TransCrowdFund

image6 (4)image1 (29)image2 (13)

 An easy way to assist trans folks in need of financial assistance.

5. #VeteransforKaepernick

image3 (6)image2 (10)image1 (17)

 After being used as crutch to demand Black folks to stand for the pledge, Veterans voiced exactly how they felt about SanFrancisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s choice to not stand for the pledge.

6. #BlackWomenDidThat

image6 (3)image2 (12)image1 (19)

 An utterly brilliant hashtag filled with Black women in history who’ve accomplished the unthinkable. The heroines. The pioneers.

7. #LoveForLeslieJ

image3 (7)image2 (11)

Leslie Jones has been targeted and attacked for weeks, and this hashtag has been the light in the midst of the darkness.


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